The Sussex Barry Manilow

Chris Nash keeps comparing his opening T20  partner to Barry Manilow.  Do hope it’s the 1980s Barry and not the present day waxwork model….

the Sussex Manilow

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Tarzan of the Outlaws

” tweets Notts ace commentator Dave Bracegirdle of Yorkerking Luke Fletcher. What – as Tarzan? Doing the yell?


Ideal man?

“Would love to wake up tomorrow and be Dan Bilzerian” tweets Alex Hales.  Yes,  but you’d have to look like THIS and hang around with some terrible wankers..


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George Sheikhspeer

Excellent articles by George Dobell and Jarrod Kimber on Alastair Cook cause Dan Singh to tweet ecstatically “Beauty cricinfo colons by da @ajarrodkimber and @GeorgeDobell1. One is write like sheikhspeer other is also write like sheikhspeer.”  So true.  George even looks like the Bard but sadly Jarrod is no oil painting…

george shakes

Don’t mess with George

Dan Singh has some worrying aspirations ” have new desire 2 c @GeorgeDobell1 and @AlexHales1 dance ‘never can tell’ by the chucker berry.”  Keep your eyes off Alex Hales, Dan, or…


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Notts Pulp Fiction

03/07/2014 2 comments

Chrissy Aram thinks a madeover Alex Hales is a shoo-in for Catherine Zeta Jones.  True – but think I prefer the Uma Thurman Hales. Had to be done…


Dan’s the Man

Have found some candidates (but with possible caveats) for the hand of the  ineffable Dan Singh who much admires the looks (platonically of course) of Notts Alex Hales and Cricinfo’s George Dobell



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