Taylor’s Taches

“It’s #movember time……. this could be a long month for me trying to grow some facial hair🙈wish me luck”! tweeted James Taylor. Some style suggestions…


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Bairstow’s Batman tache

“What Mo should I go for this year? @MovemberUK” tweeted Jonathan Bairstow. Our suggestion? The Batman



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Gatt Valentino

Inspired by @damenellymelly’s latest conundrum Mike Gatting abandons his travels round the Wonders of the World to star in a remake of Rudolph Valentino’s The Sheik (for those who value their heroes quantitatively rather than qualitatively)



Moai Gatt

Votive offerings of cake on Easter Island


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Carnival Gatt

It’s all the fault of Vithushan who posted a pic of Mike Gatting relaxing on the Great Wall of China and tweeted “Would love that to be a recurring series, where Gatt goes around the wonders of the world”

He was aiming for the mountain top statue of Cristo Redentor in Rio but travelling Mike Gatting got caught up in the carnival atmosphere,,,


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Terracotta Gatt

A trip to China and the intrepid Mike Gatting fits in nicely with the Terracotta Warriors..


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Notts Kingpin

“Always nice to beat @AlexHales1 at ten pin bowling!!” tweets Notts Luke Fletcher.  Film remake in the offing then?



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