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Pumpkin fright

Want to deter Trick or Treaters?  Put this Giles Clarke pumpkin in your window.

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No no

How does the Twitter and facebook shunning Alistair Cook fill in the off season?  With a musical romp of course.. (thanks to Kathie West for the idea)


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FIFA inbetweeners

” @kiesy_22 @Borthwick16 @ravibopara can’t lace my boots whilst playing FIFA. Who wants to challenge the #1?” Steven Finn issues a challenging tweet.  The resultant banter really enforces the Inbetweeners connection..


Swann tweets “I missed going over 300k followers.” Never mind Swanny – sure there’s a film to commemorate it..

Spin trap

England v India 5th ODI.  Blimey THAT was a collapse!  Still – at least there’s a film to come out of it..

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Anger management

23/10/2011 1 comment

Time to take a new approach to obstreperous players….

Super Mario

Much indebted to 7 Reasons Mark Fearns for bringing to my attention this gem about Mario Balotelli, the football nutters’ nutter.  A Christmas games best seller possibly?

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Sam Lemon

21/10/2011 4 comments

A plaintive tweet from Sam Northeast “Just been told I look like Keith lemon. Need to change my image drastically now!!”  No!  Surely not!  Even with a tache and a bit of a blonde rinse…

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King Kong – cricket critic

Only just caught up with the 3rd India/England ODI.  Feel I agree with King Kong’s assessment of the death bowling and some of the wicket keeping…

(thanks to Sarah Ansell for the picture of the wickie)


But I see we share a passion for Trotty..




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We need to talk

Not my idea of course… can’t say whose  – but can say the next film in the series might be a sensational steamy sex-ridden version of Alan’ Tyers’ Crickileaks ….

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