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Dame Twaddle

Oh the bliss of the  TuneIn app for county cricket commentary! There’s even a Pantomime Dame in the Middlesex comms team…

dame twaddle

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Tip top snapper Philip Brown  wants you to choose his hairstyle for a night out.  Think he needs to think accessories….


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Incredible Fletch

“Good to see the notts lads starting well against the lancs lot. Luke fletcher is my hero by the way ” tweets Swann.  Incredible….

incredible fletch

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Tweet from Legsidelizzy alerts us “There’s a brilliantly involved discussion going on between @JackShantry and garethprees28 #countycricketersdoitbetter”  Cripes.  Rodin obviously thinking of a cricketer…



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Moles mariniere

“One day I will silently honour the bravery and persistence of my foe, but until this war is won I say death to moles!” tweets Swanny.  Waste not want not!


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Housewife’s favourite

According to @homeofcricket Andre Adam’s “impressive beard”* is the housewife’s choice…


Paul Frame’s words.  Can only echo the sentiment

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Darth Twaddle

Middlesex Cricket Club are advertising for a new Pinky the Panther.  Forget it!  Bring on David Darth Twaddle Townsend!  That’ll sort out the  other mascots on race day…

darth twaddle

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Butch Boycey

” boyceyyyyyyyyyy” tweets Tim Murtagh to Mark Butcher’s tweet recommendinga second hand car dealership.  Now you mention it….


Great balls of fire

You know – if they ever do a remake of the Jerry Lee Lewis bio pic – Alex Hales is a shoo-in for the lead..

(thanks to @ SWPCL_insider for the screen shot)

great balls

Odd Couple x 2

“Dinner Monday night partner, your place or mine?” tweets Stuart Broad to Graeme Swann.  A bit of an odd couple… but which is which?






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