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Being Served

!That hair and shirt makes look like Molly Sugden.” tweets Sussex fan Chris Skinner.  True!  DT and Kevin Hand ARE the Mrs Slocombe and Miss Brahms  de nos jours

mrs slocombe rides again


The Quiet Commentator

“. has never heard of the John Wayne film The Quiet Man – may have found Martin’s new nickname?! ” tweets Kevin Hand, Middlesex commentator.  I don’t know about that but I DO know about a cue for a film…


Somerset Grease

“Personally I think I’m a dead ringer for Danny Zuko…!! 😂 #hestheboi” tweets Somerset’s Craig Kieswetter.  I see the Zuko but am not too sure about the Sandy…



Notts Pulp Fiction

03/07/2014 2 comments

Chrissy Aram thinks a madeover Alex Hales is a shoo-in for Catherine Zeta Jones.  True – but think I prefer the Uma Thurman Hales. Had to be done…


Dan’s the Man

Have found some candidates (but with possible caveats) for the hand of the  ineffable Dan Singh who much admires the looks (platonically of course) of Notts Alex Hales and Cricinfo’s George Dobell



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Great balls of fire

You know – if they ever do a remake of the Jerry Lee Lewis bio pic – Alex Hales is a shoo-in for the lead..

(thanks to @ SWPCL_insider for the screen shot)

great balls


Having seen Swanny as a team cap’n on Question of Sport think he ought to up his game, aim for the chair and find two really combative team captains..


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