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A panto tale from a couple of years back, starring the fragrant Graeme Swann as Swannderella, Jimmy A as Buttons, and Bumble as Baron Hardon!

If you’re desperate enough to want to see the whole thing, you can click here at your own risk – flick through the photos to find out who gets the girl and who plays the Ugly Sisters…….

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Tweedledum and Tweedledummer

Hurrah!  Colly joins twitter – has Swanny met his match????

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Not Allott

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Sponsorship dilemma

17/11/2009 1 comment

Following difficulties finding a new sponsor for the entire England team, the ECB hit on the idea of individual player sponsorship.  But can you match the player to the shirt?

(summer 2009)

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Nanoo Nanoo

Jimmy makes a lovely Mindy


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Lloyd Snooty

We can’t do without regular visits to Bumble’s blog on Sky Sports:

Lloyd Snooty

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Lady KP


another from the archives……KP as Diana 2

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In stitches

knitting6 copy

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Amdram on Tour


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Kiwi stormtrooper

Another from the archives……Kiwi stormtrooper

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