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An ODI too far

31/01/2011 1 comment

How many million more ODI’s to go?  The Sky commentators begin to lose their grip..



28/01/2011 1 comment

The Broadettes on Twitter have informed me that their Hero has shaved his head – here’s the evidence…

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Sherlock Clarke

Blast.  One down and six more to go….

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Bloody pig

Jimmy Anderson tweets “Sorry about the T20 loss earlier. All my daughters fault. We were going so well until .. peppa pig.”

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Loved Swann the movie – surely move onwards and upwards in the movie making – a remake of my fav rock movie?


Totally misread a question to Stuart Broad on Twitter “who would you rather date, monica or rachel from friends?”…

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Another fine mess

Couldn’t think what the splendid pic in the Australian reminded me of…

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Farewell to heroic Ginger

Fabulous Colly retires from Tests.  His only failing – supporting wrong football team

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Swann Ventura – ace!

Loved Swann’s homage to Jim Carey at the beginning of his latest excellent vid

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Broad Story 3

@mp4_toffeeman asks Stuart Broad on Twitter ” do you think Disney modelled andy from toy story 3 on you? The resemblance is uncanny!”  Broad can’t see the it…