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Birthday boy

Captain of Derby Luke Sutton’s birthday today.  He’s in the mood


Birthday Murtagh

It’s Tim Murtagh’s birthday – sure Amazon would have something to celebrate it..

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Happy birthday OB

10/07/2011 1 comment

A very happy birthday to Bon Jovi fan par excellence Iain O’Brien.  Wear your JBJ wig with pride on your return to the NZ test team OB!


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It’s Mel’s birthday today and I was going to be mature and sensible about it – but we did start ‘photoshopping  4 years ago when Mel started the Graeme Swann – Cricket Superhero group on Facebook – so in honour of her birthday and Our Hero – here he is in his latest meeja scam – underwear model….


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That Geoffrey – he’s a lovely young man…

21/10/2010 1 comment

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Happy Birthday Mr Tim

It’s Sky Sports Tim Abraham’s birthday.  He is celebrating it in a sober and thoughtful manner

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A closely knit team

Happy birthday Jimmy A – 5 wicket haul on your birthday is not at all bad

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Happy Birthday IoB (2)

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Happy birthday IoB (1)

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Happy Birthday Aff

A happy birthday to All Out Cricket Editor Andy Aff who according to his tweet this morning is 26

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