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King Cricket VII

15/03/2015 2 comments

Have been puzzling over which English King Alex Bowden reminds me of.  Seeing his face gracing the Mumbai Mirror I realise he’s a slightly cheerier version of Henry VII

kingcricket vii


Do read Jarrod Kimber’s slightly sarky piece on BBL .  It does however contain the following horrific nightmare scenario..

cheerleader clarke

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Dan’s bride

My favourite Rajinkanth fan, Dan Singh, is thinking of proposing to the splendid Melinda Farrell .  However if he does this he risks the chance of never marrying one of these beauties…


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Tip top snapper Philip Brown  wants you to choose his hairstyle for a night out.  Think he needs to think accessories….


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Not so pretty

“James Hopes has never done anything pretty in his life, it’s really quite awesome. ” tweets cricket ballsy  Jarrod Kimber.  Well quite, not even a nice hat and hair extensions help

not so pretty

Jarrod’s superheroes

My second favourite blogger (now turned establishment) Jarrod Kimber has been tweeting cricketing Superheroes…

jarrods superheroes


A lethal combination

Cricketyorkshire is suggesting an alternate Ashes team (just a few Yorkshire players in the list…) including the intriguing “Steve Borthwick” – an amalgam of Scott Borthwick and Steve Patterson.. – a v fast leggie?

borthwick patterson

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Who’s Queen?

Oh dear – discussion at King cricket re Tudors and bowlers (blame the Smudge). Who else could be the Virgin Queen though?



04/12/2012 1 comment

Discussion on the King Cricket site of which cricketer would you like to see in lingerie.  Upsettingly all I can visualise is Giles   Clarke…

outsize lingerie

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Pots and pans

“Packing up me pots and pans” tweets snapper Gareth Copley.

(Apologies to  Paul Sandby but as he died 203 years ago he probably doesn’t mind me snaffling  his work)

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