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LS Tyers – Matchstick Man

Alan Tyers is of course a writing genius, and thanks to the BCCI’s ban on pics other than their own, his creative genius has now spilt over into inspired drawings.    LS Lowry lives again…

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Lady Hamilton

“Cracking knock from Lady Hamilton Brown at The Oval” tweets tip-top columnist Alan Tyers.  Irresistible….


Heroic columnist Alan Tyers tweets “If only there were some TV programmes about the Titanic disaster coming up soon. I expect there’s any number of fresh angles and stories”  A new specialist film might help…

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Alan Tyers on Belly: If he does well this winter I don’t care if he gets dreadlocks.

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Team spirit

Harsha dancing?

19/04/2010 1 comment

Just catching up on IPL highlights stuff on Youtube.  Amazing what you find!

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Addressing the troops

A pimp for Alan Tyers with Strauss resuming command… (with a bow to Stephen Fry’s sublime General Melchett in Blackadder)

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Save England cricket…

The end of civilisation as we know it laid bare by Alan Tyers...

Graeme’n’Madira 2

Another idea for the dynamic couple:

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Thanks to Alan Tyer’s top article – more ideas for the dynamic duo:

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