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Do read Jarrod Kimber’s slightly sarky piece on BBL .  It does however contain the following horrific nightmare scenario..

cheerleader clarke

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Not so pretty

“James Hopes has never done anything pretty in his life, it’s really quite awesome. ” tweets cricket ballsy  Jarrod Kimber.  Well quite, not even a nice hat and hair extensions help

not so pretty

Jarrod’s superheroes

My second favourite blogger (now turned establishment) Jarrod Kimber has been tweeting cricketing Superheroes…

jarrods superheroes


Shiv’s Runs

“My second cricket documentary will be a film with no editing, just a close up of shiv recalling every single run he he’s ever made” tweets Jarrod Kimber

Death of a Gentleman?

“Smile for the camera Giles” ” tweets Sam Collins, the macho half of the the Two Chucks soon to be mega buck producers of the Death of a Gentleman film.

Just a minor amendment…

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Hope Jarrod and Sam are surviving their torrid tour of Australia whilst making their v excellent film Death of a Gentleman – clearly they need your cash…

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Some like it hot..

11/01/2012 1 comment

Another suggestion for the Two Chucks film from the Skiver:  Some Like it Hot… but who would be Sugar?  Is Iain O’Brien in the Antipodes?


Phantom of the Opera

Tweeting still going on about musicals and I’m still intrigued to know what film the Two Chucks are going to produce.  They’re in Oz so could it be..

Happy birthday again Jrod

It’s that time of the year again – time to celebrate the birthday of the other one in the Two Chucks outfit.


Black Swann

For Jarrod of the utterly splendid Cricket with Balls because I want to spice up his dreams of Natalie Portman…