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King Cricket VII

15/03/2015 2 comments

Have been puzzling over which English King Alex Bowden reminds me of.  Seeing his face gracing the Mumbai Mirror I realise he’s a slightly cheerier version of Henry VII

kingcricket vii

Who’s Queen?

Oh dear – discussion at King cricket re Tudors and bowlers (blame the Smudge). Who else could be the Virgin Queen though?



04/12/2012 1 comment

Discussion on the King Cricket site of which cricketer would you like to see in lingerie.  Upsettingly all I can visualise is Giles   Clarke…

outsize lingerie

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Most excellent piece by King Cricket re the latest India v England test. Thank goodness the English wendigo  has been successfully reintegrated..

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14/03/2012 2 comments

Discussion on the most splendid King Cricket site on the advisability of wearing tweeds in Sri Lanka and Samit Patel’s views


White van man

11/01/2012 1 comment

Much to the jealousy of King Cricket, Andrew Miller tweets “Tomorrow, as editor of @thecricketermag, I shall be mostly driving a white van to Manchester. It is all glamour, I tell you!”  BBC series in it too..

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Cul de sac

Notts win a thriller and King Cricket starts to write about it but iss trapped in his usual weekend angst…..


20/04/2011 1 comment

Just seen the frightening pic illustrating Kingcricket’s latest excellent piece.  Crikey!

Another marketing move by Warne surely?

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Zip it

Boycott, as Kingcricket describes so well , is an insensitive clod re Michael Yardy

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More ties

27/02/2011 8 comments

The spiffing tie between England and India  made me think of King Cricket and his love affair with the “More Ties” ad.  And I thought I’d check to see if it’s still going…………

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