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Tip top snapper Philip Brown  wants you to choose his hairstyle for a night out.  Think he needs to think accessories….


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Pots and pans

“Packing up me pots and pans” tweets snapper Gareth Copley.

(Apologies to  Paul Sandby but as he died 203 years ago he probably doesn’t mind me snaffling  his work)

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Toff and Oiks

“Most amazing cricket fact that I’ve uncovered today … @timbresnan went to Eton! #true #posherthanhesounds” tweets ace snapper Philip Brown.  And here’s the proof – Timothy posing with some oiks…

Can you tell who it is yet?

Ace snapper Phil Brown’s dress sense has been called into question on Twitter.  But you know who his style guru is… can you tell who it is yet?..

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Hats off

Philip Brown, ace snapper posts a caption comp on Twitter.  Too tempting..


Shoot the stars

The BBC is cancelling Shooting Stars!  BOOOOOOOOOO! Even a cricket snapper and scribe based remake would not satisfy…

Northants Morrismen

Sarah Canterbury’s tip top pic of a rejoicing Jack Brookes of Northants disgracefully misused…. Boo!!