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Singing in the Rain

Another day of rain in Hobart and Sky will be forced to get Messrs Colvile, Cork and Butcher to entertain us in a suitable manner…

singing in hobart


26/08/2012 1 comment

” please, never, never consider a Colvile/Borat mankini combo…” challenged Jeano.  Oh…

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22/08/2012 1 comment

Watching Sky and it seems Charles “Charlie” ColVILE is a Bond fan. Cue film remake – not sure about the orange shortie jumpsuit though Charles…


Enjoying most of T20 finals day – but some of the commentating….

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05/08/2011 1 comment

Blatantly copying the splendid Mr Smith’s idea from WicketMaiden – a Sky mishmash…

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After glove puppet Sooty’s heroics in dealing with the wretched Paul Daniels could we tempt him to another pizza assault?

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Missed the pie throwing scandal in the Commons committee this pm with the Murdochs – what about some more pie stuff  tonight at the cricket?

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Skytus Quo

Charles ColVILE admits to liking for Status Quo on tonight’s match.  He’s commentating (in the loosest possible sense of course) with Mark Butcher, Robert Croft and Paul Allott… Down Down…

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Chance to sneak in a bit of county cricket viewing – and who is on the commentary?  ColVILE!  Pah!

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Enduring more ColVILE commentary today in the T20 finals.  He must be good for something…

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