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Skytus Quo

Charles ColVILE admits to liking for Status Quo on tonight’s match.  He’s commentating (in the loosest possible sense of course) with Mark Butcher, Robert Croft and Paul Allott… Down Down…

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Chance to sneak in a bit of county cricket viewing – and who is on the commentary?  ColVILE!  Pah!

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Enduring more ColVILE commentary today in the T20 finals.  He must be good for something…

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Holiday reading

Thanks to Amazon have holiday reading sorted out

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Happy birthday to Mel

23/06/2010 1 comment

Intercepted this touching b’day card to my fellow blogger and Queen of Tweed

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ColVILE the Bogeyman

Most grateful thanks to Sarah Ansell for letting me use her pic (pick?)

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