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Holiday reading

Thanks to Amazon have holiday reading sorted out

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Happy birthday to Mel

23/06/2010 1 comment

Intercepted this touching b’day card to my fellow blogger and Queen of Tweed

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ColVILE the Bogeyman

Most grateful thanks to Sarah Ansell for letting me use her pic (pick?)

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All to cock

A few minutes of listening to ColVILE chunter on, ruining viewing of Durham v Kent, and I am reduced to thinking..

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Alan Tyers b list

I love Alan Tyers stuff – even the footie stuff and I don’t like footie.  Am enjoying his alternative alphabet – the B entries this week.  Loved Sreesanth’s stock ball,  and the shy umpire and the self effacing Yorkshire man and this one

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Made up

It’s Vishal Tripathi’s birthday – founder of the facebook group “Charles ColVILE is a penis”

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05/02/2010 1 comment

Rumoured Skysports cricket calendar sneak preview (bear not to scale)

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Do please join in (but in doggerel only) here

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Pink Bobby and Mr Blobby

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