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Sky Sports not allowing commentators to rest during dreadful weather at Edgbaston – quick film remake on the go…

An ODI too far

31/01/2011 1 comment

How many million more ODI’s to go?  The Sky commentators begin to lose their grip..


Beefy the good fairy

Laying to rest

7  has come up with 7 excellent but entirely spurious reasons for lamenting the end of Last of the Summer Wine – I can think of a few pensioners whose commentary I would like to see laid to rest…

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“Sir Beefiness cleared off chasing something in the Bush…mind boggles !!” tweeted Bumble Lloyd … and later tweeted that he was missing…..

beefy is missing

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Christmas gifts? (1)

clockwork nuns

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Led balloon

led bumble

Wigs R Us

05/10/2009 1 comment


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Morris men

morris skymen

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