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Weighty matters

“Nasser is on strength and conditioning getting ready for a busy summer.” tweets Sky sports cricket.  Think he’s overdone it a bit..

weighty matters



“Nasser may look more like an Eygptian pharaoh every day, but I love his analysis.” tweets Foxy Fowler

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Calls for a Nasser Hussain to be adopted Yorkshireman to balance out the Lancs combo of Atherton, Lloyd and Allott for Friday’s Lancs/Yorks T20..

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Sky Sports not allowing commentators to rest during dreadful weather at Edgbaston – quick film remake on the go…

Nas’ tie

“Nasser been great with hire of the tie Weekend rate 2 days for the price of one #whataguy” tweets Bumble Lloyd of the generous Nasser Hussein.  Get your novelty gift item here..

An ODI too far

31/01/2011 1 comment

How many million more ODI’s to go?  The Sky commentators begin to lose their grip..


Beefy the good fairy

Mardi gras

It’s Mardi Gras in Cardiff and Bumble has been to have a look round  according to his commentary on today’s match.  More than a look I reckon Bumble

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Third Man

Nasser as third man on the Sky cricket commentary today.  Perfectly suited to the duplicitous Harry Lime……

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Fanny for Christmas

The resemblance between Nas and Ms Craddock was too good to miss – so another suggestion for a cricketty stocking filler…

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