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Weighty matters

“Nasser is on strength and conditioning getting ready for a busy summer.” tweets Sky sports cricket.  Think he’s overdone it a bit..

weighty matters



“Nasser may look more like an Eygptian pharaoh every day, but I love his analysis.” tweets Foxy Fowler

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Calls for a Nasser Hussain to be adopted Yorkshireman to balance out the Lancs combo of Atherton, Lloyd and Allott for Friday’s Lancs/Yorks T20..

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Sky Sports not allowing commentators to rest during dreadful weather at Edgbaston – quick film remake on the go…

Nas’ tie

“Nasser been great with hire of the tie Weekend rate 2 days for the price of one #whataguy” tweets Bumble Lloyd of the generous Nasser Hussein.  Get your novelty gift item here..

An ODI too far

31/01/2011 1 comment

How many million more ODI’s to go?  The Sky commentators begin to lose their grip..


Beefy the good fairy