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Notts Knits (3)

Delighted that Andre Adams has signed for another year for Notts.  Top model and cook

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Notts Knits (2)

The action men of Notts model leeeezure wear before their CB40 clash with Durham – beating them hands down on wigs’n’hats

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Notts Knits (1)

Hard day in the dirt for Notts today being pulverised by the mighty Durham.  Still – at least they have fantastic new modelling assignment for action men knitwear…

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Sweetness and Light

14/08/2012 1 comment

All is sweetness and light in the upcoming  cricket clash – Mark Church and Johnny Barran prepare to welcome Dave Townsend into the commentary box tomorrow…..


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8 overs 2 maidens 14 runs and 2 wickets – miserly CB40 bowling from Kent’s Mark Davies.  Cue a film surely…

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Ignoring the KP hooha for something much more interesting – walloping form of Durham’s finest Phil Mustard – 2 centuries in 2 days.  Rah!

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Twitter battle is joined over the Roses T20 – it’s already a games hit..

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Surrey’s Mark Church commentating splendidly as always – yesterday’s gem was the revelation that he’s a Chas’n’Dave fan.  Of course he and Johnny Barran have been known to rabbit rabbit rabbit a bit…

Thanks to Rowan for the plundered pic!

Yorkie Shorts

Given the remarkable shots of Yorkie cricketers in their shorts :  Tim Bresnan and Mitchell Starc, how about a Yorkie haute couture label?


For all the Rampants in their tweeds and pearls, the awful day has dawned when Ramps isn’t picked.  I’d keep your head down if I were you, Chris Adams…