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Men on a Mission


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03/02/2011 1 comment

Interesting snippet in cricinfo today about the Stanford empire receivers – and a lovely headine…

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ECB Gifte Shoppe

ECB announce the one day squad and have the merchandise in the shops

Sponsorship dilemma

17/11/2009 1 comment

Following difficulties finding a new sponsor for the entire England team, the ECB hit on the idea of individual player sponsorship.  But can you match the player to the shirt?

(summer 2009)

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13/10/2009 1 comment

Rumours abounded that tweeting cricketers were to be banned.  We knew who to blame
father giles

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A step too far

You can find the link to the cause of this horror here….


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Pig headed

total pighead

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Groovy, baby

giles dances

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ECB dancing girls

ecb dancing girls

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