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ECB Station Zebra

24/11/2011 1 comment

England Test cricket has a new sponsor, and Cricket Films R Us has a new title in production –  just right for showing over the Christmas when all the seasonal cold war films are brought out again……….

Anger management

23/10/2011 1 comment

Time to take a new approach to obstreperous players….

King Kong – cricket critic

Only just caught up with the 3rd India/England ODI.  Feel I agree with King Kong’s assessment of the death bowling and some of the wicket keeping…

(thanks to Sarah Ansell for the picture of the wickie)


But I see we share a passion for Trotty..




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More ties encore

After today’s D/L result in the Ind/Eng match – just can’t let a really bad advert go….

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Come on England – get a move on or it’s…..

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Just LOVED the hat-trick

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Much as I love the Sri Lankan cricket team I do wish they had not done quite so well today – thinking cap on Andy!

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Jonathan Trott’s strike rate a bit slow?  Neverear – Andy Flower has an answer to everything…

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Swann doesn’t rate the beauty of the stroke play of Strauss, Trott and Cook.

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Bell de jour

07/06/2011 1 comment

One for Sarah Ay and me for we are devout Un-Bell-ievabelles and it was a corker of an innings today