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Men on a Mission


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Elf Ged


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Golden Gatt Bridge

A glimpse of the youthful Gatt monumentally honoured in the US


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Tinker tailor

What’s Giles Clarke been up to lately?

tinker tailor

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Gatt’s Wonders 1

Vithushan posts a pic of Mike Gatting having a sit down at the Great Wall of China and tweets “Would love that to be a recurring series, where Gatt goes around the wonders of the world…”.  OK


Gatt gets ready to roll those Hanging Gardens into submission

flattening gat


Love this tweet from fabbo Jarrod Kimber “Best part of the kp story is Andy Flower having Giles Clarke in his pocket. Giles will love that.”

too honest

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Mel’s Conundrums 84