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“You know you’re getting a bit old when you walk through a uni campus and feel like a middle aged man.” tweets Steven Finn. Time to get the knitting needles out…


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String him up

Craig Kieswetter mirthfully  posts this bit of lads jollity on twitter … String him up!



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Choices! Choices!

Really can’t decide on knitwear for Joe Root..     Patterned?  (but looks like he has to wear a corset for the nipped in waist)





or this tasteful canary and cravat outfit (camera and bouffant hair optional)



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Matching tie n jumper

Going golfing?  Possibly – Gary Ballance rocks the yellow look


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Cricketers in Knitwear snares another victim as Ben Stokes in enraptured by a chunky zip up with a corking pattern.  Bit warm for Vegas though


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Sadly there are those not rich enough to holiday in Las Vegas and they are forced to endure the autumn cold and chills here in Blighty.  Fortunately James Taylor has just the knitwear needed..


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Tank top

09/10/2014 2 comments

Realising knitwear is THE way to go Jade Derbach models a cracking number


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Bathing Trunks

What can I say.  Never thought my needles could be used to such a very hot purpose

alexs trunks

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Ribbed Slipover

Paying for a trip to Las Vegas can be demanding – so Alex Hales has had to turn to knitwear modelling.  Top job he’s made of it too.

alex vintage sweater

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Grizzly Knit

Admiration from Chris Adams’  mum re the Dobell cardi had me reaching for the needles again..


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