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Cockroach cluster

All this tweeting from commentators about cockroaches reminded me of a photostory I hashed together a few years ago – some of the England team have changed of course, but Swann is the cowardly hero,  and Jimmy A  the homicidal glove puppet.  Just click on the first pic in the link and start scratching

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A panto tale from a couple of years back, starring the fragrant Graeme Swann as Swannderella, Jimmy A as Buttons, and Bumble as Baron Hardon!

If you’re desperate enough to want to see the whole thing, you can click here at your own risk – flick through the photos to find out who gets the girl and who plays the Ugly Sisters…….

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Do please join in (but in doggerel only) here

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Birthday wishes (7)

Done in 2007 after Mr Anderson had been in a starring role in a photoshop story as a homicidal glove puppet aiding and abetting SupermanSwann.  I expect it made sense at the time

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Swann like it hot

An old photostory from the days of the Swann’s passion for Sarah Harding

You can read the rest of the sorry saga here


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Swann and the Captain’s tights

You can find the whole sorry saga – pre-Sri Lankan tour of 2007 – here if you want to…


An Easter photostory

You can find the whole sorry saga HERE

swann and mystery

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