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Thanks to the Kingcricket for the alert to the Andy Zalztman podcast with the memorable image of Harper assaulting a guitar..

Cricket wigs R us

17/01/2010 2 comments

The tip top blogman Kingcricket muses over what is to be taken out of  South Africa

Releasing the inner ginja

To put KP in the Brigadier Block mode for tomorrow’s siege against Steyn and Morkel’s cannon balls have released his inner ginja

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Two more days…

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Ace of base

A tweet from Heroic Swann “My own powers of deduction have narrowed down my ace of base search to a man from the south, with a strangely foreign name…”

Turn it up!

Daryl Harper fails to hear a nick as Biff is caught behind… England fume…ICC are involved

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Quicks and the dead

Rip snorting bowling from the Saffer Saffers.  Not good batting by the Anglo Saffers