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Swann Bond

Swann’s packing for Aus and things are not going well “can’t find my budgie smugglers” he tweets.  Where did you last have them?  Wasn’t it in that Bond film thing?

swann bond

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Calm down

Swann has been agitating Liverpool fans…”Is there a subtitle option for Jamie Carragher on Sky?” he tweets followed by “Calm down yous lot it was only a jowch.”  Calm down?  Now that rings a bell..


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Senor Swann

“I know I’ve said it before but Spanish Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story 3 is one of the greatest characters ever #amigooenemigo” tweets Graeme Swann.  One chin magnifico recognises another…

el amigo senor swann

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Play your cards right…

14/05/2013 1 comment

“Out at dinner with @StuartBroad8 @MattPrior13 @Swannyg66 and @joeroot05 Aqua Kyoto. Staring down the barrel of a heavy Roulette Bill #CCR” tweets Tim Bresnan.  Watch out then Tim – the host of Play Your Cards Right is with you…

play your cards right

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At least it’s not the mankini shot…

Luke Wright has an alarming workman in his house “Still waiting for Borat to take off his mask and see @Swannyg66!” Crikey..



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“On the way to the states today to get the elbow fixed. I’m hoping for a Borg type arm replacement for assimilation purposes and more topspin” tweets Swann.  Do hope the Borg assimilation isn’t too extreme – still, come the Ashes look out Aussies, Resistance is Futile


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Wondering how Graeme Swann is using his rotated time away from the England team?  He’s just launched his own range of knitwear – Rowan found the the first sekrit publicity pics…


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Who’s Queen?

Oh dear – discussion at King cricket re Tudors and bowlers (blame the Smudge). Who else could be the Virgin Queen though?


Geek chic

“My geek side is over the moon.” tweets Graeme  Swann. Can just picture it…


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Toff and Oiks

“Most amazing cricket fact that I’ve uncovered today … @timbresnan went to Eton! #true #posherthanhesounds” tweets ace snapper Philip Brown.  And here’s the proof – Timothy posing with some oiks…