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Beastly number

“I’ve been singing Iron Maiden songs in my head all night and just discovered I’ve now taken 666 first class wickets #runtothehills” tweets Swann.  Iron Maiden are keen to cash in….

Toon custard

“as thick as Grandma’s custard. #toon” tweets Swann.  Must be tied into another product…..

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Today’s bowling unit for the match v West Indies?  I’ll be the judge of that..


Swann insults unfavourably compares Boro to Kandy and adds “Let’s see how many bites that gets from the petrochemical wonderland”  Already been out with the paint pot onto the Tees Transporter Bridge…

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The Return of Swannton Abbey

Huurah!  New series…



Unchained melody

“Reading festival tonight with @JimmyAnderson9 details are sketchy as to how long our slot is. …not sure how long two men can play the tambourine whilst humming ….”  I see them as the Robson and Jerome de nos jours

Notts Knits (4)

23/08/2012 1 comment

Following a pose on Mike Powell’s m/bike Swann demands that the Notts Knits team produce him a suitable modelling outfit…. (possibly not entirely successful)

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“A lot of people asking where I went to for my haircut….1943. Wing commander Swann at your service.” tweets Swann


Have to say the pipe is a bit dodgy. Appears to be made out of liquorice

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The Dutch women’s hockey team has won the tweeting hearts of English cricketers.  Swann tweets “Well done to my new favourite sports team in the world, the Dutch women’s hockey lot, for a top, and very sweaty performance today.”  A quick dash up to London from a wet Taunton?

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Have greatly missed Swann in this test match.  See that he is getting prepared to help Notts beat Somerset in the County Champs though…

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