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Bit of a cricket match tomorrow (to decide who’ll be runner up to Sri Lanka on Saturday)

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Lord Bobdemort

The sight of Ranting Bob Willis going on about Trott does begin to pall after a while!

Easy, Ryder

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Rock on

The England team hotel seems a lively place in the evening.  Jimmy A tweets “The rave across the street has finished and my windows have stopped shaking but it seems they have moved the party into our hotel!” and adds “If its still going in a couple of hours i might stick a pair of jeans on and hit the dance floor. #ifyoucantbeatthemjointhem”  Photo opp..


Always enjoy the battles between snappers and journos on Twitter.  Philip Brown tweets “Great to hear Nick on the alternative TMS way over here in Colombo. Newman that is, not that twat Houlty” .  Nick Hoult of the Daily Telegraph tweets back “takes a twat to know a twat”.  Cutting.  Fight!

Tuk tuk races

Swann tweets “We could end up in Colombo tomorrow. Last time I was there the tuk tuk man let me drive and I defeated Harmy in an epic wacky race…”  Sure I’ve played that game…

Tim’s Egg

19/03/2011 1 comment

Jimmy Anderson tweets “On the day Leeds play Sheff Utd you wouldn’t expect a Leeds fan to be wearing Sheff Utd shorts in the gym…” then adds “…To be fair @timbresnan grew up in Castleford and prefers chasing eggs”.  It’s the only code you know…


Snakes alive!

17/03/2011 2 comments

Joined the Dark Side and am in thrall to the paywall at the Times.. but hurrah for Richard Hobson (and hurrah for James Tredwell who blinded the West Indies today with his spinner’s guile and his shiny head)

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Tim Brosnan

Swann tweets “Brosnan may never win any polls, but he was a cool James Bond.” and adds “Yes I said Brosnan, not Bresnan.I think Bres is already a secret agent for the greater republic of Yorkshire.”  Amen to that!