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Tyrannicalsaurus Rex

ECB Cricket tweet “Giles Clarke officially nominated as inaugural ECB President”  Oh joy.

tyrannicalsaurus rex

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Do read Jarrod Kimber’s slightly sarky piece on BBL .  It does however contain the following horrific nightmare scenario..

cheerleader clarke

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Tinker tailor

What’s Giles Clarke been up to lately?

tinker tailor

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Love this tweet from fabbo Jarrod Kimber “Best part of the kp story is Andy Flower having Giles Clarke in his pocket. Giles will love that.”

too honest

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Le roi du cricket

Well, quite! “N Srinivasan is chairman of the ICC. A dark day for cricket.” tweets Lawrence Booth


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Three ICC Amigos

This proposed take over of the ICC – you just know it’s going to be OK..


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St Oli

The Mirror’s Oliver Holt still banging on about Stuart Broad…


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Joe’s Busy Day

Mild mannered Joe Kinnear has had the usual busy day….

Chatting with the Queen

joe and the queen


Hobnobbing at the G8

joe and the g8



Being upstaged by Boris at London Fashion week

joe and boris



…and modelling saucy knitwear for Legside Lizzy

joe and knitwear


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04/12/2012 1 comment

Discussion on the King Cricket site of which cricketer would you like to see in lingerie.  Upsettingly all I can visualise is Giles   Clarke…

outsize lingerie

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I believe every word George Dobell and Lizzy Ammon tweet and so I now do believe in St Giles…

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