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Going up in smoke

I see first issue of Ashes memorabilia is out – will have to take up smoking to collect these beauties!


Belly the Menace

Hurrah!  Ian Belll has joined Twitter.  Joe Root tweets “good to see you on here… finally!!! Looking forward to witnessing a new style to your pranks #dangerous.”   Crikey!

belly the menace

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I-Ron Man Can

“Five more sleeps till #Ashes battle resumes. Can Ian Bell continue his phenomenal streak of form?” tweets All Out Cricket .  Of course I-Ron Man can….


Raging Bell

Thanks to Jake Howe  for this…

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I Ron Man

“He was just a normal geeky test player. Then he was struck on the chin by a radioactive ball and became ODI-MAN.” brilliantly tweets The Old Batsman


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Kevin and Belly

Runs for Cook in the first innings, runs for Strauss and Trotty in the second, who’s going to be next to give it some welly?

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Strictly Trott

Jonathan Trott signs a 2 year extension to his contract with the Bears today – and here he his representing them in the ECB’s Strictly Come Dancing

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“If we miss The Wanted then I might just stay at home.” tweets Swann.  Sure with a bit of wiggery here and there and a severe  number one cut your team mates would be able to cheer you………

Dr Who?

Indebted to Sarah A for her invaluable researches – who is to be a doctor?

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No no

How does the Twitter and facebook shunning Alistair Cook fill in the off season?  With a musical romp of course.. (thanks to Kathie West for the idea)


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