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Happy birthday to my favourite Superhero

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Young man, young man

It’s Bumble  Lloyd’s birthday and Mrs Bumble has baked him a cake – but his oldest fan is waiting in the wings….

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Happy birthday again Jrod

It’s that time of the year again – time to celebrate the birthday of the other one in the Two Chucks outfit.


Birthday boy

Captain of Derby Luke Sutton’s birthday today.  He’s in the mood


Birthday Murtagh

It’s Tim Murtagh’s birthday – sure Amazon would have something to celebrate it..

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Happy birthday OB

10/07/2011 1 comment

A very happy birthday to Bon Jovi fan par excellence Iain O’Brien.  Wear your JBJ wig with pride on your return to the NZ test team OB!


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It’s Mel’s birthday today and I was going to be mature and sensible about it – but we did start ‘photoshopping  4 years ago when Mel started the Graeme Swann – Cricket Superhero group on Facebook – so in honour of her birthday and Our Hero – here he is in his latest meeja scam – underwear model….


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