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Going up in smoke

I see first issue of Ashes memorabilia is out – will have to take up smoking to collect these beauties!



“Properly getting into #theSopranos great watch #ooooooooo” tweets Yorkshire and England’s Joe Root.  Hope it is the Tyke version you’re watching…

yorkie sopranos

Toff and Oiks

“Most amazing cricket fact that I’ve uncovered today … @timbresnan went to Eton! #true #posherthanhesounds” tweets ace snapper Philip Brown.  And here’s the proof – Timothy posing with some oiks…


Today’s bowling unit for the match v West Indies?  I’ll be the judge of that..

The Return of Swannton Abbey

Huurah!  New series…



Pierce Bresnan

Not my fault!  Blame Sam Blackledge of the Dorking Advertiser…


Brooding over the Test loss (but rejoicing at Le Wiggins win) – aha!  could this be the solution?

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