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“In a relatively quiet spell @beefybotham & @bumblecricket discuss The Rolling Stones who Beefy is going to see at the 02 for first time” tweets Sky Cricket.  If the Stones can’t make it sure Sky can provide some substitutes..


Strength and conditioning

Bumble tweets “Not on ODI at Oval .Rotation policy .Am on strength and conditioning”  Who knew he had a tattoo?


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Bumble Lloyd joins the Official Moin Ashraf fanclubs and tweets and admiring rap…”Rap. MoAsh he no ball trash , his bowling flash, like slippy snake , don’t wake dat man ,He do you in , faster than Finn , YoMo”


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Young man, young man

It’s Bumble  Lloyd’s birthday and Mrs Bumble has baked him a cake – but his oldest fan is waiting in the wings….

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On yer bike

Bumble Lloyd is not going on the Sri Lanka tour – Sky rotation policy- as he tweets “strength and conditioning …….”  Sure it will be done in style..

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Top tip

15/03/2012 1 comment

“In front at ‘Chelters’ …hoping for a good day today …” tweets racing tipster Bumble Lloyd.

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Nas’ tie

“Nasser been great with hire of the tie Weekend rate 2 days for the price of one #whataguy” tweets Bumble Lloyd of the generous Nasser Hussein.  Get your novelty gift item here..

Bumble’s Top Tips

Do follow David Bumble Lloyd’s guide on Twitter to what to buy T’Wife.  New Man? Pffft.

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Inspired by Bumble Lloyd’s continued tweeting of 80s hits Sky hit upon a way of keeping the commentators busy until the ODIs…

(Must say Ramiz looks rather doubtful about this extra curricular activity)


Success at last for England in Dubai –  Bumble tweets “Golf wise Hussain and I won our first golf today”.  I expect they kept up immaculate dress standards too

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