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Dancing Beef

“Beefy learning the Cello! Yeah right Told me he was Principal ballet dancer at The Bolshoi!” scoffs a tweeting Bumble.  Well it was a while ago .. but they still speak of his jeté

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Sky segway

Stuart Broad tweets Id love to see@BumbleCricket and@BeefyBotham cruising around  Think Sky are ahead of you…

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A better class of Twankey

“desperate to get to Morecambe on Boxing Day….can’t get pass out …think, man, think!” tweets Bumble.  Well, they’re doing Aladdin at The Platform in Morecambe …

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Bumble Lloyd has been giving Christmas gift advice culminating in “And finally a new folding plastic seat with midi size bucket combined …ideal for when your Golf Clubs need cleaning …Mrs L swears by it”  I’m sure she does… I can imagine some of the swear words she’s using.

Still – that puts the lid on the Vote Bumble for PM campaign

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Less Blatter, more bitter

Bumble Lloyd’s righteous twitters of discontent against the oaf Blatter were curtailed by the finer things in life “off for an early sherbert….Old Tom Ale on draught… net required ……”  Quite right!  What happened to the Bumble for PM group on facebook.  Resurrect it!

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President Bumble

Bumble Lloyd tweets “Forgot to mention , I have been made President of Over 60’s cricket in UK …Chuffed…might get a game , now …think Lancs have a team!!!”.  Hurrah!  Stand aside President George Washington…

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OT spells OUT

Old Trafford’s eviction of David Lloyd?  Basis for a film surely…

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A quiet passage in the Eng/Ind match and the camera shows shots from London zoo..

Sky Sports Cricket  tweets “Bumble…the new David Attenborough!”.  Of course!
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Dolly tub

Listening with great pleasure this evening to the Lancs duo  of Allott and Lloyd commentating on cricket and doing the washing in a dolly tub…

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Edna Bumble

More on Patrick Kidd’s idea on Twitter of 1980s remakes.. what about the Edna Bumble Experience?

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