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Officer Dibble?

Yorks v Derby – Bumble confusing Tim Groenewold of Derbyshire with police dog Griswald from Top Cat… (game was a bit dull at the time…) – not to mention “Fetch me loofah!  I’m going for a bath!” at a particularly brilliant catch by Madsen

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Guru Bumble

“..and now that guru of commentators, David Lloyd” announces Simon Doull during the NZ/Can game…

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Tommy Cooper

Just caught up with Bumble Lloyd extolling the virtues of Tommy Cooper to a nonplussed Ravi Shastri (at least it kept him quiet for a while – no cliche covered such a discussion)

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David Bumble Lloyd, on tour with his one-man show tweets “Am.. in back of car ..and have taken to waving at folk”

“Haha! Like the Queen?! Or indeed the PM in waiting!” tweets Sarah of Canterbury

(the facebook group for Bumble becoming our next PM can be found here


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Bumble’s Twanky

Simon Hughes comments on Bumble’s latest tour location for his book… “richmond very nice. My manor sort of. My dad played widow twanky in the panto.”  Now there’s an idea!  People would pay anything to see Bumble’s twanky

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Just like Ken Barlow

Bumble is recording another few episodes of “countdown” and has been given his own dressing room and feels “just like Ken Barlow”  But who is his Deidre?

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Mardi gras

It’s Mardi Gras in Cardiff and Bumble has been to have a look round  according to his commentary on today’s match.  More than a look I reckon Bumble

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Shorn of the Dead

Fab pic of David Lloyd posted by Aggers just lent itself to shopping..

Same old after match party

Ripped off another philip brown pic…

Nan bread

Bumble is on a nan bread mission this week during the Test…

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