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Film star

A tweet asked who should play Colly if they made a film of the Ashes?

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A tweet from Colly – should he watch Avatar, Invictus or Valentine’s Day?

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Tweedledum and Tweedledummer

Hurrah!  Colly joins twitter – has Swanny met his match????

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Where’s Colly?

According to Swann, Colly is a closet Newcastle supporter..

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Dirty Mackem

A tweet from Colly: Swanny has told me many times that his to be a Mackem.


For the uninitiated Mackems (especially dirty ones) are Sunderland supporters

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OU Swann

Paul Collingwood, a new tweeter, acknowledged the tutorship of Swann in setting up his account – Swann as a tutor?  OU sort obviously…

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Two more days…

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Sponsorship dilemma

17/11/2009 1 comment

Following difficulties finding a new sponsor for the entire England team, the ECB hit on the idea of individual player sponsorship.  But can you match the player to the shirt?

(summer 2009)

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Parisian Knights

Well – I have just been to France…



Thunderbirds (3)

23/10/2009 1 comment

Last year Michael Vaughan, then Cap’n Crock of England, likened his team-mates to the Thunderbird puppets…

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