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Mash up

“Please can all men be like George Bailey. Or a Bailey/Luke wright mash-up. Thanks.” tweets Legside Lizzy.

“”if you put Clarke and Cook in a blender you’d have the perfect captain” -” tweets Michael Vaughan

A rematch between Warner and Root says I.


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Going up in smoke

I see first issue of Ashes memorabilia is out – will have to take up smoking to collect these beauties!



“Four hour delay at the airport” tweets Swann sadly.  Obviously in the wrong location location location…

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“Just remembered that I was mistaken for Alastair Cook this weekend. This could mean one of two things….Either I desperately need a haircut or I’ve gone slightly cross-eyed.”  or as Rowan points out “Or you’re wearing too much mascara.”

Perhaps what they saw was this..

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A showing of the fab 80s film Flash Gordon and the prospect of  tomorrow’s play in the Test v Pakistan is all too much…

Elizabeth Swann and mascara man 1

Gah!  just got Swann and bromance mascara man nicely shopped..



…when I find that he’s been off on a boat with mascara man 2….

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No no

How does the Twitter and facebook shunning Alistair Cook fill in the off season?  With a musical romp of course.. (thanks to Kathie West for the idea)


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Oh Alastair – just 6 more and they’d have made a film of it…

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Interesting bits in the Sun article today re 3 captains – interviews for the post? and ….

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Good hand

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