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Bob’s Die Hard with a Vengeance

Don’ think Bob Willis was in the best of moods today after the England result…



“Awesome from the wizard today.” tweeted Steven Finn


Life of Pie

A shipwrecked Gatt!  A fearsomely large apple and blackberry pie!  A very short all action film!

life of pie


Gatt on a Plane

No time for wonders of the world today for Gatt – he’s starring in a movie…

gatt on a plane

Gatt’s Lamp

Gatt’s taking a quick trip to Disneyland and really getting into the spirit of the thing


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Return of the Mummy

“The Mummy is such a junk film, but I’m going to sit here with my carrot and houmous dip and watch all 125 minutes of it… ” tweets Alex Hales.. Hmm,  Have only played the game not seen the movie.  Still – reunite the Las Vegas mob and I’d give it a go…


Stuart Scissorhands

Alex Hales finds his clothes snipped in the changing room – and Stuart Broad tweets ”  we are now even! Haha I even used your scissors!”  Film remake!

stuart scissorhands