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Bob’s Die Hard with a Vengeance

Don’ think Bob Willis was in the best of moods today after the England result…



“Awesome from the wizard today.” tweeted Steven Finn


Life of Pie

A shipwrecked Gatt!  A fearsomely large apple and blackberry pie!  A very short all action film!

life of pie


Gatt on a Plane

No time for wonders of the world today for Gatt – he’s starring in a movie…

gatt on a plane

Gatt’s Lamp

Gatt’s taking a quick trip to Disneyland and really getting into the spirit of the thing


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Return of the Mummy

“The Mummy is such a junk film, but I’m going to sit here with my carrot and houmous dip and watch all 125 minutes of it… ” tweets Alex Hales.. Hmm,  Have only played the game not seen the movie.  Still – reunite the Las Vegas mob and I’d give it a go…


Stuart Scissorhands

Alex Hales finds his clothes snipped in the changing room – and Stuart Broad tweets ”  we are now even! Haha I even used your scissors!”  Film remake!

stuart scissorhands

Beautiful XI

“In South Africa they once had a game of “Beautiful XI vs Hideous XI ”. Tell me that isn’t a game that shouldn’t be brought back.” tweets the ineffable Jarrod Kimber.  Bags I Alex Hales as capt of the Beauteous Team (but only if dressed as Rudolph Valentino)

valentino hales

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Gatt Valentino

Inspired by @damenellymelly’s latest conundrum Mike Gatting abandons his travels round the Wonders of the World to star in a remake of Rudolph Valentino’s The Sheik (for those who value their heroes quantitatively rather than qualitatively)



Anchors away

Good news.  Jade Dernabach, Gary Ballance, Joe Root and Alex Hales have found Ben Stokes in Vegas and are now involved in a British pilot for an American classic…