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“You know you’re getting a bit old when you walk through a uni campus and feel like a middle aged man.” tweets Steven Finn. Time to get the knitting needles out…


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Going up in smoke

I see first issue of Ashes memorabilia is out – will have to take up smoking to collect these beauties!


Finny’s Tinkerbelle

“I always saw myself as a peter pan type character.” tweets Steven Finn.  But who will be his Tinkerbelle?

Finns Tinkerbelle

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7 of Finn

Swann still yearns for the Borg…”ow the holographic doctor from Star Trek voyager is on csi ny. I hope seven of nine turns up as a serial killer #borgfantasy“.  This longing can be cured… don’t think he’d go for a girl with poor chat…


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Much enjoyed fashion twitterings of Steven Finn and Tim Bresnan but was especially taken by Finn’s tweet “Onesie or dressing gown tonight. #metrosexualproblems” Something retro 70s possibly with big hair..(ECB Approved though)

one ecb piece

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Toff and Oiks

“Most amazing cricket fact that I’ve uncovered today … @timbresnan went to Eton! #true #posherthanhesounds” tweets ace snapper Philip Brown.  And here’s the proof – Timothy posing with some oiks…


Today’s bowling unit for the match v West Indies?  I’ll be the judge of that..