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Caveman Gatt

Archaeologists have recently discovered evidence of prehistoric Gatt in cave paintings…

prehistoric gatt

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England aren’t doing too well, the weather is grim but Gatt isn’t too Desperate for it is British Pie Week.  Hurrah!


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Keen to be on trend Gatt has spotted a new hairdo in the news… Gone the half eyebrow route too

kim jong gatt

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Aghast at the clonking administered by NZ to England, Gatt retreats to a Benedictine monastery.  There are compensations…. (thank you Giovanni Caroto)

benedictine gatt

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Edam Project

Consolation for Gatt in Cornwall today

edam project

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Life of Pie

A shipwrecked Gatt!  A fearsomely large apple and blackberry pie!  A very short all action film!

life of pie


Gatt out of Hell

Filling Friday afternoon with the surround sound of Gatt belting out his seminal rock anthem>>

gatt out of hell

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See Gatt’s been getting into patisserie


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Great Gattsby

Just enjoying a splendid film from the 70s..



Golden Gatt Bridge

A glimpse of the youthful Gatt monumentally honoured in the US


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