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A Step too far..

Kent’s Mark Davies tweets of Ben Harmison “@harmy14 Is actually belting out Steps”  But which one is he???



09/07/2012 1 comment

“Only 1 run would ever leak from Ste, he’s Harmison of a preacher man. The only boy who could ever teach me, was Harmison of a preacher man.” tweets Yorkshire ‘s Official Moin Ashraf.   “Harmy as Dusty?” asks Chrissy.  Blimey!

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Ben Hurmison (again)

Geraint Jones tweets the news that Kent have a new signing “Very happy with our new signing of Ben Harmison.”  Oo!  Time for a remake of a remake then…

Tuk tuk races

Swann tweets “We could end up in Colombo tomorrow. Last time I was there the tuk tuk man let me drive and I defeated Harmy in an epic wacky race…”  Sure I’ve played that game…

Ben Hur…..

Got a bit over excited when Durham actually won a 4 day game by thumping Notts and Ben Harmison got 3 wickets in 4 balls… (they lost the Pro 40 match next day though – pah!)

Sponsorship dilemma

17/11/2009 1 comment

Following difficulties finding a new sponsor for the entire England team, the ECB hit on the idea of individual player sponsorship.  But can you match the player to the shirt?

(summer 2009)

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Parisian Knights

Well – I have just been to France…



Swann and the Captain’s tights

You can find the whole sorry saga – pre-Sri Lankan tour of 2007 – here if you want to…


Fowl play 5


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Touring Sri Lanka 2007 (4)


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