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Royal Pass

Iain O’Brien tweets “Needed a pic for my media pass this summer.” Something regal I think.  Perm advisable


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Riff Raff O’Brien

“is @iainobrien any relation to the bald kilted cross dressing Rocky Horror creator Richard O’Brien?” asks Jason on Twitter.

Have to say, Jason, that the statue of Riff Raff erected in 2004 in Hamilton New Zealand does seem to bear out your suggestion….


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Bit of a mystery

Iain O’Brien tweets “Cooking sausages tonight – it recommends grilling for 12-18 mins. Who do they think I am? Columbo? Matlock? Jessica Fletcher?” Well now..

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“Staying classy on a Monday night! My next career? What’s my stage name?” tweets Iain O’Brien posting a pic of a stuntman’s trailer.  I’ve got the T shirt covered OB – start growing that mullet…

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As @AlternateRowan points out – Iain O’Brien is the past master of commentary bites with extra, well, bite…  Bring it over here please Iain this summer!

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Iain O’Brien asserts his Bon Jovi credentials “Bet I could get the crowd to sing the notes I can’t sing better than you!! And that, my friend, is how I roll!” he tweets.  In full Bon Jovi 80s costume too please Iain…

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Moving on

Tip top bloke Iain O’Brien has announced his retirement and now tweets “Best I get job hunting then…. #Coaching #Bowling #MaleModel #Astronaut #Actor #Barista #DolphinTrainer #BigCatHandler #UnderwearMogul

Can do the BigCatHandler and the Male Model bit..

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Nurse, the screens..

“Man down! Man down! Medic ! Mediiiiiiiic! #ManFlu” tweets Iai O’Brien pathetically.  Fear not!  A nurse is at hand

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Kiwi Knits

Steven Finn takes time out of his cricket duties in New Zealand to join forces with Iain O’Brien at the cutting edge of Kiwi high fashion. Hope Tim Murtagh isn’t too jealous

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Tweets from Iain O’Brien and Kevin Hand re cricket remakes of Escape to Victory film reminded me of summer online broadcasts with Kevin desperately trying to get a word in edgeways as IOB and (occasionally) Steven Finn rabbited away the hours.  Happy times! Sincerely hope the BBC cuts do not deprive us of more of the same.

The Escape bit… well IOB and Finn have escaped to the windy and wet and cold NZ spring whilst Kevin is condemned to some football wasteland in a warm and sunny November in England….

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