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Alone again (naturally)

Another tweet from Peter Hayter “surely time for KP to do his world famous impression of Gilbert O’Sullivan?”

kp alone again

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Think KP’s taking on the  Will Ferrell role  in a film of his book…

world of his own


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Going up in smoke

I see first issue of Ashes memorabilia is out – will have to take up smoking to collect these beauties!



Dave Tickner tweets “KP confesses to being a plane spotter. If @cecimasters isn’t already working on a Trainspotting poster, something’s not right.”  Quite.    KP has to be Robert Carlyle’s utterly brilliant  Begbie surely?


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Last of…

“Today England need runs from Compo…..”  tweets tip top hack Mike Selvey.  Oh not THAT Compo then…

compo and co


Most excellent piece by King Cricket re the latest India v England test. Thank goodness the English wendigo  has been successfully reintegrated..

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Just about to put up our Halloween decorations…

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Knock out

More Swannton Abbey drama. Who is behind the casting deselection of Dame KP?  The usual suspect?

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Oo!  Team to India announced.  Must be a film in it…

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30/08/2012 1 comment

Raking over old stuff – but don’t blame me!  Blame Sam and Ged ……

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