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Contract for Murtagh

“Tim Murtagh has signed a new three year contract extension with Middlesex.” tweets Legside Lizzy.  And Finn returning!  Hurrah.  The bromance is rekindled – but is there a dark side?

contract for murtagh

Nick of Tim

nick of timMost excellent last over by Tim Murtagh to clobber Ireland into victory against the Scots today

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Finny’s Tinkerbelle

“I always saw myself as a peter pan type character.” tweets Steven Finn.  But who will be his Tinkerbelle?

Finns Tinkerbelle

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Most foul

Tweets from Tim Murtagh “I’m really not impressed with my body at the moment,fat with a bum chin and one eyebrow really doesnt bode well #moobs#heavyskinfolds” and “I might wax my brow tonight…thoughts? #imstillfat” – has there been mischief most foul around?

Murtagh on the Dance Floor

A Middlesex entry into the SCD competition with ladies man Steven Finn playing the lady… and Tim Murtagh having a good shriek

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Murder Ahoy

All rounder Middlesex’s  Tim Murtagh grabs a couple of Northampton wickets and then turns into a thespian again…


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Birthday Murtagh

It’s Tim Murtagh’s birthday – sure Amazon would have something to celebrate it..

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