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Doncha just love General Elections

Today’s political news was particularly trite and silly  so thought I would add to it

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Political overload (already)

Gen election called for 6 May – weeks of political twattery ahead..

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02/04/2010 2 comments

Pleased Bumble is recovering from illness – and of course with a general election due in the next coupla months….

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Happy birthday Bumble

A V happy birthday to a fab commentator

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Red card

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24/01/2010 1 comment

Accrington Stanley were playing Fulham in today’s 4th round FA Cup – down to  10 men they lost but….

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Kick into touch

Pre-election campaigning has started apparently.  Oh joy

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A day of sledging and snowballing – so what could be more appropriate?

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Tweet from Bumble: “Interesting chap ,Nas. ..Breakfast… That’s the best toast I’ve ever tasted…he said”

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More doggerel

Rotation?  Don’t remember this at all


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