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Just Dandy

The Dandy comic is to close?  No more Desperate Dan?  Surely there’s someone to take his place…

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Made up (part deux)

Dayle Steyn continues to marvel at Francois du Plessis’s corking good looks – he’s rocking the bronzed collegeboy  heart-throb look now..

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Made up

“Happy bday to the style Guru @faf1307 your eye liner and hair brush beauty pack is in the post..” tweets Dale Steyn to Francois du Plessis.  Hmmm – makeover called for (all in the best possible taste of course…)

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Mouse Detective

Dale Steyn has been mouse hunting in his room – “Little rat/mouse has made a return to my room! Gana catch the little bugger” he tweets – and later “Got him!”  Must be a film there…


Alviro bach

Despite the Glamorgan rumblings and grumblings Alviro tells it like it is…

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Good advice from the guru of the ECB “Batsmen: Imagine Dale Steyn with Fred Schneider from the B52’s singing voice to make his bowling less intimidating (but still wear a helmet)”  Think this could be extended…

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Test Story 3

Hoping for another cracking test match

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