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What shall we do with Ryan?

“We RomidaSportsLtd have just bought RyanSidebottom for 2012!! Any suggestions on what to do with him followers?!” is a tweet that needs an answer… or three..

1) Bouff up the hair, add a few robes – and you’ve a dead ringer for Charles II.  Off to Madame Tussauds!


2) Clone him and make him into a boy band.  Louis Walsh will love him…



3) Remake George of the Jungle.  Easy peasy

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Night Fever

“Thought my Dancing @Rockbar was Travolta esque ha ha ” tweets Ryan Sidebottom.  Goodness me, that HAS cheered me up!

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Retro poodle

Hair alert:  Ryan Sidebottom tweets “Off for a little trim today !! short back an sides ,crew cut ,sweep over or skinhead …. #perm”  A retro poodle perm please Ryan..

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Rock ‘n’ Rollers

“Gona put mi curlers now ready for my meal !!!!” tweets Ryan Sidebottom “oh !! an frizz eaze ladies xx”  Gorjus!

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Sid’s Chest

Ryan Sidebottom tweets “Someone flamboyant with long daft hair – Strictly Sidebottom! What do you think?”  Of course!

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“Looked like Bett lynch after last nights wind an rain” tweets Ryan Sidebottom.  Must be the earrings..

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Petit blond

Ryan Sidebottom and partner enter the dancing fray…


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Savage Sid

“The Mrs thinks Robbie Savage’s hair’s better than mine, cheeky mare” tweets Ryan Sidebottom and adds “Would LOVE to go on Strictly & show off my 2 left feet, might even cut the hair off if required, ha ha.  ”  Blond rinse, pink shirt, fake tan and off you go…

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Ryan’s boxers

Ryan Sidebottom tweets “@vaughancricket says my boxers are bad. Will tweet a pic soon to prove him wrong!”  Think they’re lovely…

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Sid returns…

Much cheered by Ryan Sidebottom returning to Yorkshire – seems right somehow – and there’s a role to be played when he retires..

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