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Stuart Broad tweets “Playing Countdown on the iPad against @JimmyAnderson9. Has anyone ever got the conundrum?! #vowelcarol the music puts me under big pressure!”

Hope it’s the original Richard Whiteley et al version…


A showing of the fab 80s film Flash Gordon and the prospect of  tomorrow’s play in the Test v Pakistan is all too much…


Sir Straussy announces on Twitter “To all those Somerset supporters concerned about my form, don’t be. I’ve strawpedoed eight bottles of Blackthorn today. That’s a record.”  A musical opportunity surely..

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“Just trawling the Trafford Centre looking for a dress. Nothing .. in my size!” tweets Tim Bresnan.  Stick to manly attire Tim, is the England captain’s advice

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11/05/2011 2 comments

Been reading  Patrick Kidd stuff today so naturally am in mood for some Latin

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Interesting bits in the Sun article today re 3 captains – interviews for the post? and ….

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Good hand

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