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Stuart Broad tweets “Playing Countdown on the iPad against @JimmyAnderson9. Has anyone ever got the conundrum?! #vowelcarol the music puts me under big pressure!”

Hope it’s the original Richard Whiteley et al version…


A showing of the fab 80s film Flash Gordon and the prospect of  tomorrow’s play in the Test v Pakistan is all too much…


Sir Straussy announces on Twitter “To all those Somerset supporters concerned about my form, don’t be. I’ve strawpedoed eight bottles of Blackthorn today. That’s a record.”  A musical opportunity surely..

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“Just trawling the Trafford Centre looking for a dress. Nothing .. in my size!” tweets Tim Bresnan.  Stick to manly attire Tim, is the England captain’s advice

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11/05/2011 2 comments

Been reading  Patrick Kidd stuff today so naturally am in mood for some Latin

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Interesting bits in the Sun article today re 3 captains – interviews for the post? and ….

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Good hand

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03/03/2011 3 comments

Oh dear.  But well done O’Brien you big lunk

It’s in the genes

Contemplating England’s rather woeful performances against Aus in the ODIs (and both sides had injuries..) think they ought to give Strauss and Bell the opening slot.  Found  this old photograph of their grannies..

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Farewell to heroic Ginger

Fabulous Colly retires from Tests.  His only failing – supporting wrong football team

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