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Wing Commander

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Batman and Boy Wonder

An early (possibly optimistic) souvenir of the opening test…

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Strictly come Aus

For those not devotees of the dreadfully addictive prog – Anton and the Widd

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Camp discussion

24/09/2010 1 comment

Smuggled out of England’s top secret trip…

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Extreme Ironing Strauss

20/07/2010 1 comment

Much cheered today by a smashing 7 reasons post and the thought of extreme ironing – surely we should be world champs at that?

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ECB Gifte Shoppe

ECB announce the one day squad and have the merchandise in the shops

Addressing the troops

A pimp for Alan Tyers with Strauss resuming command… (with a bow to Stephen Fry’s sublime General Melchett in Blackadder)

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Ace of base

A tweet from Heroic Swann “My own powers of deduction have narrowed down my ace of base search to a man from the south, with a strangely foreign name…”

Seasonal alteration

Today’s cricinfo pic just needed a little seasonal doctoring:

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Sesame Street – happy 40th

sa muppets

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