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Incredible Fletch

“Good to see the notts lads starting well against the lancs lot. Luke fletcher is my hero by the way ” tweets Swann.  Incredible….

incredible fletch

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Moles mariniere

“One day I will silently honour the bravery and persistence of my foe, but until this war is won I say death to moles!” tweets Swanny.  Waste not want not!


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Odd Couple x 2

“Dinner Monday night partner, your place or mine?” tweets Stuart Broad to Graeme Swann.  A bit of an odd couple… but which is which?





Top Knit

“Can’t wait to get out to the Windies with Test Match Special. Am off shopping for some ropey clothes so I can blend in with the press!” tweeted Swanny earlier in the month.  And here  he is!



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Having seen Swanny as a team cap’n on Question of Sport think he ought to up his game, aim for the chair and find two really combative team captains..


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Fashion icon

“Great couple of days down in London working out what to do in the future. Very exciting stuff.” tweets Swann “no offers for swimming trunk modelling yet though which is a trifle mystifying”  I think they’d seen the beach shots with Jim.  Best to stick to woollies

swann fashion model

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Swannman and his Dog

Oh cripes.  Swanny’s retiring!  Still – lots of sheep in Aus for him to practice his next career move…

SWANNMAN and his dog

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The return of Swann Burgundy

Well it may be a bit all gloom and doom in the Ashes stuff but at least I can look forward to the return of Swann Burgundy anchormanning again…


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Royal Couple

Enjoyed The Ashes – Just Not Cricket today with cricketing royalty Swann and Jim.  Especially enjoyed the call for beer for a rather grumpy Jim at the start of the show. …

royal couple

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“I wondered why us English always get accused of smugness/arrogance in oz till I saw that they show the eggheads on tv. Case closed.” tweets Swann.  Quite.  Change of personnel possibly…