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Perhaps a step too far in the potential T20 karaoke from Fred Boycott to Bumble “Geoff could do a full session of Katy Perry. He knows em all.”  Oh dear


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Dan’s bride

My favourite Rajinkanth fan, Dan Singh, is thinking of proposing to the splendid Melinda Farrell .  However if he does this he risks the chance of never marrying one of these beauties…


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Re the pre vious Hoddle and Waddle  transformation shop  – the mullet – hideous! Even Joe and Gary can’t pull it off!


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String him up

Craig Kieswetter mirthfully  posts this bit of lads jollity on twitter … String him up!



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Bathing Trunks

What can I say.  Never thought my needles could be used to such a very hot purpose

alexs trunks

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See that Alex Hales and Jade Dernbach are taking lead roles in the latest remake from Las Vegas…


Fitter than Angelina

Now that Alex Hales is out of the country Vivaing in Las Vegas it’s time to ask if he is in fact fitter than Angelina Jolie?



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Being Served

!That hair and shirt makes look like Molly Sugden.” tweets Sussex fan Chris Skinner.  True!  DT and Kevin Hand ARE the Mrs Slocombe and Miss Brahms  de nos jours

mrs slocombe rides again


The Quiet Commentator

“. has never heard of the John Wayne film The Quiet Man – may have found Martin’s new nickname?! ” tweets Kevin Hand, Middlesex commentator.  I don’t know about that but I DO know about a cue for a film…


Somerset Grease

“Personally I think I’m a dead ringer for Danny Zuko…!! 😂 #hestheboi” tweets Somerset’s Craig Kieswetter.  I see the Zuko but am not too sure about the Sandy…