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Tyrannicalsaurus Rex

ECB Cricket tweet “Giles Clarke officially nominated as inaugural ECB President”  Oh joy.

tyrannicalsaurus rex

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Surely not!

The august organ Wisden has waspish things to say about the state of English cricket – and Paul Downton’s post disappears.  Nicky (@somersetbagpuss) tweets “I like to think that somewhere is smiling enigmatically whilst stroking a white cat”

lawrence blofeld

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Horatio Moore

“As the nominated Minister for Defence in any government formed by my first act will be to advocate war with France.” tweets Brian Moore.  Blimey.

horatio moore

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Step up

Harry Gurney of Notts being addressed as “H” on Twitter made me think of this.  Poor show really


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Saker on a Plane

Is it true  David Saker is off.  Who they gonna call?  Not Big Bob…

saker on a plane

Napoleon Richardson

15/03/2015 1 comment

Tireless  Associates campaigner Francesca Harris tweets ” What ‘they’ must now understand is that all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others ” With Dave Richardson as Napoleon figure?  (not the pig of course – I don’t like to be, you know, rude)

napoleon richardson

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“Awesome from the wizard today.” tweeted Steven Finn